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Destilando Amor’s star Angélica Rivera will return on tv in a few months.

Angelica said: “Soon I will be making a novela. I will be returning in six, seven months.  We are looking, looking for the story. Of course Televisa has given me important projects and we are searching for the story. Let us see what we’re going to come up with.”

Although she has not stopped working, Angelica has devoted much of her time to take care of her daughters.

“I told Televisa that is they like me, they have to wait a tad more. I’d like to spend time with my daughters.

It has been a few months since the actress was seen in Televisa. She has been given stories to choose from but Angelica Rivera declined because she doesn’t want to do a telenovela yet.

“It’s not that I don’t want to do a telenovela but I believe this is not the moment to do the role because after doing a character as sweet as Gaviota, Televisa has decided to look for another project, a project like Gaviota who is ambitious, a fighter and in love with love itself.

Regarding her kidney problem, she said that she is better than ever and that such problem is a mere obstsacle in life.

“Thanks to God, I feel complete, very happy and ready to continue my break and soon work.”