Edith bids adieu to adulating “Aventurera” fans, for now.
“As superstition dictates, I must promise to return. They say, theater plays are worse than jealous wives. Of course, I have to promise to return. “Aventurera” has my word.”  This was sworn  by the blonde actresses after taking her final bow for the theater production she has been taking part in for five years.
The Mexican star is now in Colombia beginning to shoot Doña Barbara, a telenovela which was once thought to be Gabriela Spanic’s.

According to Edith, her role is ineed a challenge. She has to learn not only to handle firearms but also mount horses well.

“This is one of the most complex characters I’ve done.” the actress uttered. She adss: “My role is a woman of strength, wild, masculine, because live have taught her to be tough. Despite all the pain,hatred, the bitterness and resentment which she guards in her souls, there exists some weakness in her that makes her human.”

“Physically, she is my opposite. She brandishes firearms like nobody; I, on the contrary, I am scared of them,” she admits.Free Image Hosting at

The actress also said that she’ll be away from her country for less than 10 months. While she’ll in Colombia, she promises to dedicate her body and sould to Doña Barbara.
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