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Mexico, DF.- Itati Cantoral and her baby are now in a stable condition after the actress fainted Monday night.

Itati’s publicist told the media that Itati, who is on her sixth month of pregnancy, is at home and she’s doing fine.The actress herself told a tv program that she has undergone a check up already and confirmed that her baby’s okay but she was advised to take a rest.

Before this incident, Itati has expressed her wish to have her friend, Mexican actress and singer Thalia to be the godmother of her daughter which will be named Maria Itati. Thalia is also the godmother of Itati’s twins Eduardo and Roberto Miguel.

Itati also clarified that she did not become furious at her ex-husband Eduardo Santamarina for revealing her baby’s sex. Some media reports mentioned that the actress was enfuriated because  Santamarina’s revelation caused her to lose the contract with a magazine which was to have the exclusive rights over the news.  “I do not sell my private life; I sell my work and because of this I am very poor. I think it’s pathetic that some people are doing it.”

When asked anent the brewing romance betwen her ex-husband and co-star Mayrin Villanueva, the actress refused to comment.