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Another Gabriela has just welcomed her baby into this world. Venezuelan telenovela actress Gabriela Espino  has just given birth to a baby girl. Her baby Oriana was born a few hours ago at precisely 10:19 PM according to tvchismes. The angel weighed 3.700 kg.

A few days ago, her compatriot and fellow novela actress Gabriela Spanic has also given birth to a baby boy.



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Mexico, DF.- Itati Cantoral and her baby are now in a stable condition after the actress fainted Monday night.

Itati’s publicist told the media that Itati, who is on her sixth month of pregnancy, is at home and she’s doing fine.The actress herself told a tv program that she has undergone a check up already and confirmed that her baby’s okay but she was advised to take a rest.

Before this incident, Itati has expressed her wish to have her friend, Mexican actress and singer Thalia to be the godmother of her daughter which will be named Maria Itati. Thalia is also the godmother of Itati’s twins Eduardo and Roberto Miguel.

Itati also clarified that she did not become furious at her ex-husband Eduardo Santamarina for revealing her baby’s sex. Some media reports mentioned that the actress was enfuriated because  Santamarina’s revelation caused her to lose the contract with a magazine which was to have the exclusive rights over the news.  “I do not sell my private life; I sell my work and because of this I am very poor. I think it’s pathetic that some people are doing it.”

When asked anent the brewing romance betwen her ex-husband and co-star Mayrin Villanueva, the actress refused to comment.

Edith bids adieu to adulating “Aventurera” fans, for now.
“As superstition dictates, I must promise to return. They say, theater plays are worse than jealous wives. Of course, I have to promise to return. “Aventurera” has my word.”  This was sworn  by the blonde actresses after taking her final bow for the theater production she has been taking part in for five years.
The Mexican star is now in Colombia beginning to shoot Doña Barbara, a telenovela which was once thought to be Gabriela Spanic’s.

According to Edith, her role is ineed a challenge. She has to learn not only to handle firearms but also mount horses well.

“This is one of the most complex characters I’ve done.” the actress uttered. She adss: “My role is a woman of strength, wild, masculine, because live have taught her to be tough. Despite all the pain,hatred, the bitterness and resentment which she guards in her souls, there exists some weakness in her that makes her human.”

“Physically, she is my opposite. She brandishes firearms like nobody; I, on the contrary, I am scared of them,” she admits.Free Image Hosting at

The actress also said that she’ll be away from her country for less than 10 months. While she’ll in Colombia, she promises to dedicate her body and sould to Doña Barbara.
a caballo.

Gabriela Spanic is a Mommy!

According to Maxine Woodside in Todo para la Mujer, the Venezuelan telenovela actress has already given birth.

Earlier, Spanic has announced that she’ll be naming her son, Gabriel de Jesus.

The birth of her son came after weeks of speculation regarding the current status of the relationship of the actress with her Venezuela boyfriend. There have been various rumors alleging that the two have split because the baby’s father is questioning the baby’s paternity. However, according to QueChismes, an internet site, this has been negated by Spanic.

Congratulations Gaby!

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After doing Pasion de Gavilanes, Te voy Ensenar a Querer, Corazon Partido and  the recently concluded La Traicion, Danna Garcia will be leaving Telemundo’s portals for the Mexican company, Televisa.

According to Sebastian Rulli, he will be sharing the credits with the Colombian actress in his newest telenovela Gancho al Corazon which will be produced by Angelli Nesma.

This Sos mi Vida remake will replace  Las Tontas no van al Cielo. Production will already start at the end of this month.

It seems that Danna Garcia will have to trade her lacy garments for a pair of boxing gloves.

Here’s a photo shared by Cristobal Lande of his and his wife Gaby Espino’s baby:

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“Natalia Oreiro fue mi maestra”

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“Si no hubiese trabajado en ´Sos mi vida´ con Natalia, probablemente no hubiese estado preparada para afrontar mi rol en ´Lalola´”, reconoció Carla Peterson sentada en el sillón de “Mañanas Informales” donde llevó tres de los Martin Fierro que ganó su programa ayer.

“También tomé cosas de Carlos Belloso, cosas brutas que tenía su personaje, como gesticular con las manos pero sin despegar los dedos” explicó y agregó que durante el tiempo en que se hizo la tira “volví locos a mis amigos hombres pidiéndole que me enseñen cosas”. “Me enteré de mi protagónico por el diario y no lo podía creer porque hasta ese entonces el programa iba a ser de Nancy Duplaa. Pensé que estaba bueno trabajar con Luciano Castro, me dije a mi misma ´que bueno es, es bueno como actor, como persona y claro, además esta bueno´” confesó entre risas.

Carla habló de la alegría que significó para ella ganar la estatuilla a mejor actriz de comedia. “Para mi familia esto fue muy importante porque cuando yo decidí que quería ser actriz me apoyaron mucho. Seguramente nunca pensaron que yo podía llegar tan lejos por eso ahora siento que esta estatuilla es una especie de premio a ellos que me bancaron siempre”.

Respecto a su novio francés al cual no le agradeció, Carla despejó toda duda “el festejo y las gracias hacia él, fueron en privado, y muy lindas” dijo la actriz.

“Lalola es una historia universal, yo amo este programa y le sigo los pasos ahora que el producto hace su recorrido por el mundo, estoy orgullosa y feliz” concluyó visiblemente satisfecha.