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Another Gabriela has just welcomed her baby into this world. Venezuelan telenovela actress Gabriela Espino  has just given birth to a baby girl. Her baby Oriana was born a few hours ago at precisely 10:19 PM according to tvchismes. The angel weighed 3.700 kg.

A few days ago, her compatriot and fellow novela actress Gabriela Spanic has also given birth to a baby boy.


Gabriela Spanic is a Mommy!

According to Maxine Woodside in Todo para la Mujer, the Venezuelan telenovela actress has already given birth.

Earlier, Spanic has announced that she’ll be naming her son, Gabriel de Jesus.

The birth of her son came after weeks of speculation regarding the current status of the relationship of the actress with her Venezuela boyfriend. There have been various rumors alleging that the two have split because the baby’s father is questioning the baby’s paternity. However, according to QueChismes, an internet site, this has been negated by Spanic.

Congratulations Gaby!

It seems that the rumors about the alleged separation of Gabriela Spanic with Neil Perez, the baby’s father is not true. Gaby has clarified through her agent that she and Neil are together, more united than ever and they’re both waiting for the baby who’s coming very soon.

It would be recalled that last week there have been circulating rumors that the two had parted ways. According to the rumor, Neil has left the Venezuelan telenovela actress because he has doubts with the baby’s paternity. Also, it has been said that Gaby has been living alone for several months, waiting for the birth of her son.

Pregnant telenovela stars Gabriela Spanic and Alicia Machado with Cristina

Former Miss Universe cum telenovela actress Alicia Machado has just given birth to baby girl in Miami. The little one already has a name: Dinora.