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After doing Pasion de Gavilanes, Te voy Ensenar a Querer, Corazon Partido and  the recently concluded La Traicion, Danna Garcia will be leaving Telemundo’s portals for the Mexican company, Televisa.

According to Sebastian Rulli, he will be sharing the credits with the Colombian actress in his newest telenovela Gancho al Corazon which will be produced by Angelli Nesma.

This Sos mi Vida remake will replace  Las Tontas no van al Cielo. Production will already start at the end of this month.

It seems that Danna Garcia will have to trade her lacy garments for a pair of boxing gloves.

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There are rumors that Sebastian Rulli has left the play “Posdata tu Gato a Muerto” to work with Angelli Nesma in the Mexican remake of the Argentine hit, “Sos mi Vida”.

Nesma’s version currently has the working title “Gancho en el Corazon”. Nobody has been selected to play the lead actress yet although there are rumors that former TV Azteca star Ana Serradilla might be the lead in this production.

Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana were the lead stars in the original. This is the second Natalia Oreiro-Facundo Arana starrer that Televisa has remade. The first was Muneca Brava which Televisa adapted this year as “Al Diablo con los Guapos”.

The opening credits of the original. Me encanta!